Our Initiatives

The Twinning of our Capital Rivers, spearheaded by Ottawa Riverkeeper and Potomac Riverkeeper Network, is an opportunity to bring people, organizations, and cities together for fresh water. Our initiatives aim to make our rivers cleaner, safer, and more accessible to everyone.

But this is not just about us. As this relationship grows, we encourage other groups to come forward, partner with us and each other, and work towards rivers we can enjoy for for years to come.

Exchanging Knowledge
Workshops and field visits will help us understand and learn from one another.
Educating and Learning
Together, we worked with Kidoons to develop engaging videos about our two rivers.
Carving out Public Space
We'll work towards creating spaces in both cities where our rivers can be acknowledged.
Coming Together
We are organizing a conference, gathering citizens and experts to discuss our capital rivers.
Celebrating our Rivers
On Sept. 22, we'll celebrate the official twinning of our great rivers.
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